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Rent V38 Family;Team;Welcomes You

Rent V38 is a true family business, built from the ground up

We care about…

High Quality – Good Service – Small Details
Aesthetic Design – Tenants’ Experiences

Our hands-on, positive approach to every aspect of Rent V38 is about creating boutique apartments that feel like home.

Rent V38 is not a cookie-cutter, high-rise condo in Bangkok. Rent V38 offers individual living spaces which are as unique, modern and trendy as the people who live in them. The 6 styles of apartments at Rent V38 appeal to a range of tenants from the Thai and International communities living, working and socialising right on our doorstep.

Our Unique Rooms

Rent V38 is more than an Apartment…

It’s a Home!

Adding those all-important finishing touches and small extras that count, we manage Rent V38 with a personable, approachable style.

”We are a husband and wife team and designed RENT V38 ourselves, with more than a little help from our 7 year old daughter. The plot on which the apartments are built was passed down through the family and, as the designers, we were on-site, getting involved and project managing from the start. The land used to be farming land, selling goods in a local market which is no longer in the area. We created RENT V38 to provide a relaxing haven and welcome break for those living in the city to escape the frenetic pace of Bangkok life.”

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