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V38 Fitness offer you daily classes;personal trainers;open use of equipment

RENT V38 tenants have access to an on-site Fitness Center with exclusive COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERSHIP.

For reinvigorating pre-work workouts or to relieve stress and relax after a day out and about in the city, the easy-to-access second floor facility includes:

  • Covered Outdoor/Indoor Swimming Pool – FREE for Tenants
  • Sauna – FREE for Tenants
  • Training Machines – FREE for Tenants
  • Weights – FREE for Tenants
  • Variety of classes – DISCOUNTS for Tenants
  • Personal Trainer – DISCOUNTS for Tenants
  • Private Swimming Tuition – DISCOUNTS for Tenants

RENT V38 tenants can upgrade their FREE MEMBERSHIP to become a VIP MEMBER at a DISCOUNTED rate.

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Business centre offer you Desktop Computers;Fax, Copier and Printer;Meeting Table

Our on-site Business Center makes it easy to do all three in one building.

business center Rent V38 Bangkok

Life, work and play often overlap in the city. Our on-site Business Center makes it easy to do all three in one building.

Stepping out of your apartment into a dedicated office zone is perfect for when you need to work while you are at home or away from work. Equally, our Business Center is ideal for non-tenants who want instant access to office facilities on a short-term basis. Why commute when all your office needs are available right at home?

Whether you have a sudden or urgent task to attend to, or need access to business facilities out of office hours, our ground floor Business Center includes:

  • Four Desktop Computers
  • Fax/Copier/Printer
  • Private Desks
  • Meeting Table
  • Conference Room for groups of up to 10 people
  • Complimentary tea and coffee

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